Awaken To Your True Nature


We are now in a time of great cleansing and awakening.  Humanity is now in a time of a crisis in consciousness, manifesting in chaos, turmoil, and conflict.  For individuals, that crisis manifests as inner conflict, mental stress, addiction, illness, and personal relationship issues of all kinds.  Many of us are now following the inner urge to be liberated from limiting patterns and repetitive patterns.  And so, all over this planet, an exciting phenomenon of transformation and spiritual Awakening is taking place.

My journey as a healer began over ten years ago, when a life crisis urged me towards freedom.  Now I continue on the journey towards Oneness with all that is, and wish to help others who want to heal and awaken.  Welcome to my portal of spiritual service!  I offer personal sessions, guidance, group processes, transformational bodywork, as well as rituals for health, abundance, and God-realization.  In all modalities,  I strive to be a clear channel for Divine Grace and guidance.

I am here to offer you spiritual guidance, healing, and inspiration for your journey.

Thanks very much for visiting.

Kai Mana